Barry amigurumi & lovey pattern set

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Barry is a little, crazy and happy bird who has been on a lot of adventures.
The Barry lovey is based on my Barry amigurumi pattern.

Barry the amigurumi is approx. 21cm high, 12cm wide and 12cm deep (incl. feet).
The Barry lovey is approx. 28x28cm  (excluding Barry parts).
The yarn you’re using and the tension you crochet with will decide the finished size.
I’ve made Barry the amigurumi with an 2.5mm crochet hook and Scheepjes Catona yarn.
I’ve made the Barry lovey with an 2.5 & 3.0mm crochet hook and Scheepjes Catona yarn.

In this pattern you find the step for step explanation of how to make Barry the amigurumi and the lovey.
The pattern is easy to do for everyone who knows the basic stitches, there are a lot of pictures (and a diagram for the lovey) in the pattern.

Did you make Barry the amigurumi or lovey? Use #amigurumidesignsbydani when you post a picture on Instagram or Facebook so I can see and like him!

As soon as I receive the order and the costs of the pattern you will get an e-mail with the download link.
You will receive the patterns in Dutch and US terms in the e-mail.


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