About me

Hi, welcome to my website!

My name is Daniëlle Wienneke, I’m 32 years old and married to Baris. We have a son together named Benjamin (June 20th 2019).
We live in the Netherlands.
In my daily life I work as a housekeeper for people who can’t do this themselves anymore.
Crocheting is a hobby (addiction) to me which grew into Amigurumi Designs by Dani.
Other hobby’s are gaming, baking cakes and decorating them (often together with my son), and watching films/series.

I started with crocheting in June 2015 and immediately fell in love with it.
I wanted to put my creativity into something, and I always admired people who could crochet.
How amazing is it that you can make something beautiful out of the most simple materials!

Because of all the positive response on my designs and questioning for the patterns I started working them out and selling them in 2016.

I had a crochet stop for a couple of years, cause I put my priorities with my (then) recently expanded family, and I didn’t have the piece of mind to crochet and design.
Now that he is old enough that I can crochet with him next to me, I started again, and I’m loving it!
The addicition is back.

Take a look between all my patterns and maybe you’ll find one (or more) for you too!

I wish u a good day and lots of fun crocheting!

Love, Daniëlle