Harley the hedgehog pattern

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Harley is ready for his hibernation with his sleeping hat and candle.
Hedgehogs go into hibernation in October/November until March/April. But that they sleep through the whole winter is a myth, they wake up every 7 to 11 days. Usually they will stay in their nest, but they can also roam through your garden.

Harley is made with Scheepjes Stone Washed and Panda yarn and is approx. 16cm high.
The yarn you’re using and the tension you crochet with will decide the finished size.

PLEASE NOTE: You buy the pattern, not the finished amigurumi.
This pattern includes the US step for step explanation of how to make Harley the hedgehog. The pattern is suited for anyone who knows the basic abbreviations.
The Scheepjes Panda yarn is crocheted in the front loops of the body, this makes it very easy to work with.
This pattern has 10 pages and 37 pictures.

– 2.5mm crochet hook.
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 831 Axinite. (50 grams)
– Scheepjes Panda 584 Grizzly. (22 grams)
– Scheepjes Softfun 2410 Candy Apple. (1 meter)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 822 Brown Agate. (60 centimeters)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 818 Lilac Quartz. (21 grams)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 811 Deep Amethyst. (11 grams)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 801 Moon Stone. (10 grams)
– Scheepjes Catona 281 Tangerine. (50 centimeters)
– 14mm safety eyes.
– 8mm safety eyes.
– 20mm button. (for inside the candle)
– Scissors.
– Fiber filling.
– Yarn needle.