Poepoe the pumpkin pattern

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Poepoe is named by my 3 year old son, he can’t say pumpkin (pompoen in Dutch), but instead says Poepoe.

Poepoe the pumpkin is made with Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn and is approx. 20cm high.
The yarn you’re using and the tension you crochet with will decide the finished size.

PLEASE NOTE: You buy the pattern, not the finished amigurumi.
This pattern includes the US step for step explanation of how to make Poepoe the pumpkin. The pattern is suited for anyone who knows the basic abbreviations.
This pattern has 8 pages and 31 pictures.

– 2,5mm crochet hook.
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 822 Brown Agate. (44 grams)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 816 Coral. (33 grams)
– Scheepjes Stone Washed 806 Canada Jade. (16 grams)
– Scheepjes Catona 110 Jet Black. (1 meter)
– 18mm safety eyes.
– 12mm safety eyes.
– Scissor.
– Fiber filling.
– Yarn needle.